How Does a Web Directory Work

Web directories represent an important online marketing technique any website owner must handle in order to promote his/her business in the virtual world. They are the main method to get one-way links towards your website and in order to use them properly, you must first understand how they work.

First of all, a web directory is a website that has been especially created to gather links from all sorts of businesses and other types of organizations. These links will appear under categories and sub-categories so that they can be browsed easily by visitors. The links’ acceptance and the web directory’s maintenance are, in most cases, done by humans. There were some attempts to replace human work by software programs or automatic bots, but they are not too popular nowadays as the accuracy of their work is not as high as human editing.

Therefore, the first step to get your website enlisted in a web directory is to send such a request. The editors will analyze your demand and check if your website meets the criteria imposed by that particular directory. They will also check the text entered as website description for possible grammar or spelling mistakes and if the website has not been already submitted. This is a very time consuming activity and it influences on the period of time website owners have to wait until they see their site accepted to the web directory. As the largest web directories are also free of charge, this work is many times done by volunteers.

Despite this small drawback, web directories are a useful tool to use in order to increase the rank of your website with search engines and to advertise your services. They work in two ways, both for the benefit of your business. First, you are more visible to potential customers as besides relying on search engines, they also look up into web directories when they need a professional. Second, this brings visitors to your website, thus increasing its rank with search engines.

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